What is there to do for Beer Lovers in Marin County?

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We all know Marin County is famous for its wine tours and rolling hills. But what about beer lovers? Can this beautiful area offer anything to do besides taste the delicious aged grapes and marvel at the beauty of the land? Well, beer lovers in Marin County, you are in luck.

Lagunitas Brewery, located 40 miles North of San Francisco, just off the 101, offers entertainment, beer, and a flat out good time. With a variety of different beers ranging from Pilsners to IPA’s, these creatively named and deliciously brewed beers can offer entertainment to any beer lover and maybe even convert some of those winos out there.

One of the best features of the Lagunitas Brewery is its Taproom. As you walk in you are greeted by a friendly staff and a friendly reminder posted by the dining room that though they love children, please keep them at your table and if not, “All children left unattended will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy”. There is a let-loose environment that attracts all sort of different beer lovers. The art and the live music create an environment perfect for sampling a flight of your four or five favorites, or four or five new beers that you get to experience for the first time. For you hop-lovers out there, you can satisfy your bitter desires with a “lil sumpin’ sumpin’” or a “hairy eyeball”.

The brewery offers a wonderful variety of seasonal ales along with its regular menu. “As the four winds shift, we see seasons come and seasons go. It seems these days like people's tastes shift as often as do the winds”. Their brewers love the challenge of a new recipe, while giving the beer-lovers the challenge of figuring out what the hell the weird story on the side panel has to do with the beer in the bottle.

The Taproom offers not only a wide selection of beers, but delicious meals to compliment your drink at a decent price. There is a patio outside open day and night for those of you who wish to breathe in the fresh mountain of Marin County while enjoying your meal and beer. The concert schedule is available at their web-site so you can plan to drink your favorite beverage and see your favorite band.

The entertainment doesn’t stop there. After you’ve finished your meal, don’t forget to stop by the Swag store. The store sells a variety of goods, including poster, t-shirts, hats, beer and other swag to remind you of your adventure. It is also the starting point for the brewery tour.

Brewery tour? Yes, while your wine loving friends go off to enjoy their wine tasting and fancy cheese you can come by Lagunitas and taste some delicious beer, tour the brewery and bring home some awesome swag. The tours go all day and can be booked through the web-site, a brewery tour company, or you can just show up at the Swag shop.

So beer lovers in Marin County, or visiting Marin County, if you are looking for something to do, don’t worry, there is plenty. The Lagunitas Brewery offers a wide variety of entertainment for anyone and a haven for beer lovers.

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