What is the best beginner beer?

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The world of brews is a unique and interesting one indeed to anyone who dares to venture into it. The most common question I get as a beer enthusiast is always "what is the best beginner beer?".

The real answer to the question is not simple by any means, since everybody has different taste buds and preferences. Most beer drinkers would also agree that there really is no such thing as a "best beginner beer". Beer is beer and I can guarantee you none of them come with little training wheels on the side. So the best thing to do is to wander out into the deep end and try a beer that perhaps somebody suggests after inquiring about your preferences.

Do you like strong, bold, spicy foods? Do you like the taste of fruits such as bananas, blueberries, or citruses? Are you a chocolate lover? Are you a fan of coffee? All of these are great questions to ask when looking for a good first beer that suits your tastes because a lot of beers have notes of food or other beverages. A lot of beginners I have given suggestions to agree that they enjoy the taste of fruits or bananas, and as a novice it is nice to start off with a brew that is not so bold in flavor.

One of the best beers to try if you like the taste of bananas and citrusy fruits would be a Hefeweizen (the German term for a Wheat beer) by the name of Weihenstephaner. Yes, the name alone may be intimidating and tough to say, but it is an excellently smooth brew that will allow any beginner to step into the world of beer. A more common suggestion for a "starter beer" would probably be Blue Moon. Blue Moon is a nice wheat and citrus beer that is most often served with a slice of orange on the side of the rim or floating at the top of the head of the beer. This was the first beer I ever tried, and I must say the orange slice and citrus taste took a bit of the edge off to make it more appealing and welcoming to try.

Now let's say you are a major chocolate lover that perhaps enjoys coffee as well, you may want to try Young's Double Chocolate Stout. This brew is the perfect match and blend of smoothness. Although this beer is a stout (a darker and usually bolder beer), it is certain to be a great start for a beginner that wants to experience the chocolatey smooth notes, roasted malts, and ever so tantalizing hints of mocha coffee this brew has to offer. Despite all of the suggestions and advice, there is no right or wrong way to go about finding the right beer for you.

One thing I can guarantee is that whatever your specific tastes may be, I can ensure that with an open mind, patience, and solid suggestions, you can find the perfect beer to help you take your first step into the great world of beer.

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