When is there going to be a local brewery event in my town?

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So you want to go a local brewery event? Spring is here and it's now time for the Bruery's third anniversary beer festival. The Bruery brewery is a family owned, local brewery located in Orange County and is a great place to go taste some of the best craft beers in the state. Whether you like ales, lagers or hef's, The Bruery brews the best of the best. There will also be over a dozen other local breweries at the event so there's no doubt that you and your friends can find a beer that fits your tastes. However, don't expect to find any Bud or Coors in the vicinity, this is a craft brew event. A craft beer is "craft" because it's made in small batches, a small batch of beer ensures quality and bigger, bolder flavors. Not the kind of beer you do a keg stand with. In fact, you might be surprised to know that it's okay to bring your girlfriend to this festival, yes, even girls are going to find a beer they will like. Even the "I'm more of a wine drinker" types are going to break down and have a great time and enjoy a great beer. The Bruery has won many prestigious awards for their excellency in beer brewing. Most recently they won a blue ribbon in The Great American Beer Festival, which is held in Denver Colorado. The Great American Beer Festival is a kind of Mecca for beer drinkers and beer brewers from around the nation. So if you can't make it to the largest beer festival in Colorado, then keep it local. It's just a short drive from Los Angeles and it's centrally located for Orange Countians. Why buy commercial, tasteless beer when you can get outside and go support your local beer brewers? Learn about thousands of different kinds of beers. What makes a lager different from a hefeweizen? Can vs bottle? German style beer vs French beer? Who knew beer could be so sophisticated, so interesting, so worldly. It's not just for jocks anymore. You might get so inspired that you will be compelled to start brewing your own beer, if your girlfriend says it's okay, of course. Take the opportunity while you're there to learn more about other beer related events and meet like-minded beer drinkers. The festival is being held May 29th at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, not to be confused with The Bruery's Placentia location. All proceeds will benefit the Lestonnac Free Clinic, so you can do some good while putting down a few tasty brewskies. General admission is 35.00, VIP admission is 50.00 and there will be snacks and cheeses to accompany the beer. Jack FM will be in charge of the music, so you guarantee that you will get your groove on to some good tunes. Oh, and don't forget to bring a designated driver if your nick name is "Frank the Tank" or if you plan on tasting ALL the different kinds of beer. Good times will be had by all at this local brewery event.

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