What is the Beats Headphones of beer?

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Beats Headphones of Beer

Beats Headphones by Dre are widely regarded as overpriced luxury headphones that are widely popular only because of their brand name. Real audiophiles shudder at the thought of having to wear them, but in reality they are relatively good headphones, just way too expensive. In every field there exists an example of something like Beats by Dre, and beer is no exception. Rogue Brewing, based out of Newport, Oregon, is the Beats Headphones of beer. I will list several of their beers and compare them to other beers of similar caliber and flavor to prove my point.

Rogue Beer #1: Hazelnut Brown Nectar

This is by far my favorite Rogue beer. It has a nutty and malty flavor that never really gets old and it pairs super well with burgers and pizza. In Oregon, I can get a 22oz bottle of this beer for around $8 depending on sales. Most of the other top brown ales on Beer advocate would only be somewhere between $5-7. This beer is ranked #13 and is as expensive as many imperial ales and while it's flavor is great, it's price is not.

Rogue Beer #2: Mocha Porter

Coffee culture is incredibly important in the great NW so it's no surprise that Rogue has made the Mocha Porter. It definitely lands on the more hoppy side of porters, something that is relatively unusual, and has very good aroma and mouth feel. That being said, this beer scores a 4.3 on beer advocate and is by no means the best coffee porter out there. For the same price as the Mocha Porter you can get the Victory at Sea, a vanilla coffee imperial porter by Ballast Point.

Rogue Beer #3: Dead Guy Ale

This is their flagship beer and by far the most widely consumed beer they make. It is based on a German Maibock, but in standard American tradition, with way too many hops added. Overall this beer should be fairly session-able and light. I think this beer is too complex and not light enough to be considered a Maibock, and for half the price you can pick up a bottle of Hofbräuhaus München's Hofbräu Maibock (Urbock,) an authentic Maibock.

Rogue Beer #4: 8 Hop IPA

In American beer culture, the IPA is the new pinnacle of worth. Every brewery makes 2-3 IPA's because that's what the vast majority of people drink. The 8 Hop IPA is Rogue Brewing's hop bomb that boasts 8 unique types of hops 3 of which have been patented by Rogue. The 22oz bottle comes in at a whopping $9. For that same price you can get a much more balanced, and higher octane, 90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewing.

Overall, Rogue is not a bad way to go as far as beer is concerned and they definitely are innovators in the field with selections like the Sriracha Stout or the Voodoo Donuts series. At the end of the day, you shouldn't be ashamed to drink any beer, just know that mostly what you are paying for in this case is the brand name.

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